Questioning how you can cook chestnuts? It is not so mysterious or tough while you might believe as well as in the event you do not determine to cook them yourself, you will find a number of fantastic chestnut goods that make it even simpler to appreciate this wonderful nugget of nutrition.

Choosing and getting ready Chestnuts

In the event you want to know how to cook water chestnuts yourself, make sure that you simply purchase only extremely fresh chestnuts. They ought to really feel hefty inside your hand and never rattle about within their shell. Chestnuts have a tendency to go poor – quickly expanding moldy and wormy.

Chestnuts possess a difficult outer shell along with a thin inner skin, each of which you’ll need to eliminate so as to consume them. It’s simpler to eliminate these once the chestnuts are scorching.

You usually require to pierce the shell prior to cooking, otherwise stress will develop up within the nut and so they will explode.

Three Techniques for how you can Cook Chestnuts

Roasting chestnuts – Much like within the Christmas song, discover ways to cook chestnuts more than an open fire to get a enjoyable family members action. You’ll need a unique lengthy dealt with chestnut roasting pan or popcorn popper to complete this. Utilizing a sharp knife, reduce an X with the shell of every chestnut. Location within the pan and roast for about twenty minutes, tossing and turning the pan sometimes.

Baking chestnuts – This provides comparable outcomes to roasting but demands no unique gear. Merely slit the shells with an X and location on baking tray. Bake at 375° F for about twenty minutes. In the event you wrap the chestnuts inside a dishtowel whilst they’re nonetheless scorching, this could make shelling them simpler.