If you have a washing machine you probably do not consider the task of washing a very impossible task. However, what we do not realize is that even using the washing machine, some special care must be taken before doing mistakes to avoid using washing machine to have a longer life.

Meet the Most Common Laundry Errors:

Do not respect labels

If you have never stopped to read the labels of your clothes, do so. The biggest mistake people make when washing clothes is not to respect what each type of cloth needs at the moment. For example, most parts of your wardrobe certainly do not need (or can not) be washed in hot water, do not allow bleach, and so on.

Washing time

It is more efficient, faster and spends less energy if you do not let the machine take breaks at the time of washing, especially if you are using hot water.

mistakes using washing machine

Use too much laundry detergent

It is not the amount of foam that will clean the laundry you put in for washing. When you use a lot of laundry detergent or laundry detergent, you will also need more water and more energy to rinse the laundry and also risk damaging the fabric of your clothes.

Wear too much bleach

Prefer bleaches without chlorine, since they usually damage the fabric less. Even so, check your hand at the time of use. This is a product that does not do good for the tissue and still brings reflexes to your health and the health of your families.

Wear too much fabric softener

Despite the good smell, the fabric softener may not be so beneficial for your clothes, especially for towels. When you use the product on your bath towels, they tend to get softer, but the product decreases the fabric’s ability to absorb water. So this is a bad idea.

Separate clothes by color only

Although this is already a breakthrough (things you should never do to your washing machine), it is not only by the color that the clothes need to be separated at the time the washing. It is also good to separate the pieces according to the type of fabric.

Scrub the clothes

Do not scrub your parts. In addition to damaging your nails and drying out or even causing skin irritation, you only spoil the fibers of the fabric when you rub it and eventually leave the deeper stains even more impregnated. The right thing is to use a stain remover and find out on the internet how to best use this product in each case.

Wash bikini in machine

If you want to preserve the elasticity of the cloth, the color and the shape of the piece, wash this type of clothing by hand. Because they are delicate parts, the machines, even in the right cycle, can spoil them.

Open zipper wash

Always close the zipper, when washing jeans, for example. When you leave this accessory open the chances of it getting stuck on other pieces and ending up damaging them are huge.

Coats in the machine

The best way to ensure that you are still going to have a pair of socks after washing is by putting these pieces to wash together, rolled up. In addition to wearing less the fabric of the socks, this will prevent one of the two from being sucked in by some part of the machine, as is very much the case with the rubber that isolates the drum door.


These are the most common laundry mistakes people use to make generally. One needs to be careful during the time of managing laundry, to avoid necessary hazards.