How are you preparing for bed? With a damp, relaxing cup of chamomile tea and a good book?

If your pre-sleep system includes throwing your tresses back to a tight node alongside slathering in your ten-step skin care routine, you may want to reconsider a little. Whenever it turns out, your easy-peasy having hairstyle for sleeping can be harder than applying a subtly wavy structure to your beams before hitting the hay (you know, the one that is somehow already trending online). Hair safety during sleep can avoid breakage and splitting.

Turn it around

Do not want wavy locks in the morning? Sarah recommends the hairstyle distorted. To do this, divide into two and twist every segment away from your face and twist them together.

The Knot Top

Another simple hairstyle is the quick top knot! Only take your hair to the top of your head and curl the hair around to make a bun. With a claw clip protect the bun. You can wake up with this hairstyle with a little volume in your hair, so you can miss the hair dryer.

About the pillow

The next approach is to actually place your hair over your bed’s side. This approach works only if you have no headboard. Although we think that if you sleep on your sides, you can still do this, you can still get your hair over your pillow.

Take it off

Cover your hair with a satin or silk nightcap for maximum protection. It is perfect if you have any hairstyle you keep for a while.air-style-sleeping

Like our skin, when we sleep, our hair also regenerates most. Take advantage of these hours with an overnight mask. Pull it over the hair and pull longer parts into a loose bun. Toss a towel or a super worn t-shirt over your pillowcase to cover your sheets.

Many of the ingredients in a traditional conditioner can cause hair damage with a prolonged application. This is mostly because of the quality of the ingredients in a traditional conditioner; the remedy for the night is not the same.

Wash your hair before bed, dry, and style. If you have smooth, sleek hair, wrap your hair around the head, starting with the nape.

If your hair is curly or wavy, turn your hair tightly into a nod, at the highest point of the head. Use a scrunchie fabric to secure it rather than elastic.