There will be different answer to question’ How many cups of water in a water bottle?’. Various things to be considered before finding out how many glass of water in a bottle. There are lots of variables to this query. Initial up there’s what kind of regular bottle you’re referring to? If it’s a milk bottle, spirit bottle, wine bottle, or beer bottle, then there aren’t any cups of water in any of them because they are currently filled with other liquids.

Subsequent comes the area from the globe that you simply reside in? It appears that based on your place you are able to anticipate the dimension from the regular water bottle to become various.

There’s no regular for bottles, but you will find typical bottle sizes. Typical bottle sizes utilized to make use of the English method. Eight fluid ounces to a cup. This really is liquid measure. Nevertheless the sixteen fluid ounces that make the pint also weigh pound when the fluid is water. A pint is really a pound the planet about.