Ideally when the skin around the lips is no longer smooth and contains lines and wrinkles, we should opt for a lipstick rather than a gloss. Indeed, the gloss, because of its greasy and liquid texture, will tend to spin into wrinkles and accentuate them even more.


For your lipstick, I advise you to opt for velvety textures when you choosing lipstick for mature women, because a fatter product will once again tend to seep into fine lines. In addition, if you first apply a pencil lip contour, it will improve the holding of your lipstick and prevent it from spinning.


For color, choose medium intensity hues. Colors that are too dark will give you a stern look and seem to refine your mouth, while colors that are too pale will give you a bland and lifeless complexion. The hues of rosé and coral are beautiful options for you.

Lipstick Tips for Older Women


By cons, do not be embarrassed to ask for advice in store when picking up lipstick colors for older women. The counselors can be of great help to you and they will be happy to make you try several shades of lipstick for you to fix your final choice.

Why is pink lipstick more for a woman after 50?

The correct shade of lipstick can refresh the complexion, make the lips more attractive and sexy, and the wrong one – emphasize the shortcomings.

Dark lips emphasize dark circles under the eyes, and the darker the color, the thinner your lips will look. It’s like wearing dark clothes, dark colors make us slim, and whites increase in volume. So, when choosing a lipstick, follow these principles for lipstick tips for older lips look fuller and sexier.

  • The lilac shade of lipstick makes a woman look older and sadder than she is.
  • With colorless lipstick you will look blurry.
  • Orange looks like a jester.
  • With purple hues you will look as if you are cold.

Is it time to go over your beautician, throw away the lipstick that spoils the appearance of a woman after 50 and get all shades of pink?

How to choose the color of lipstick woman after 50 years?

She observes one indispensable rule: choose a pink shade 2 shades lighter than the natural tone of your lips. There are always probes in the perfumery departments, so there is always the opportunity to try on different shades of pink and choose your own.

A woman after 50 never takes matte lipstick, as they do not reflect light and lips look small. Lipstick should be velvety with a slight gloss.

The stability of the lipstick is just as important, look, so that it lasts a long time and does not meet at the corners of the lips. Lipstick will look better on the lips, if before applying a woman uses lip balm, the smoother the lips, the better the lipstick will fall.

With age, the contour of the lips is blurred and cannot do without contour pencil. Your lip liner should be either exactly the color of your lips, or a couple of shades lighter. And here’s an excellent tip: after you have circled the shape of your lips, lightly damp all the lips with the same pencil. This will help your lipstick last better and longer. As you can see, it is not difficult for every woman to assimilate these secrets, so that after 50 years of age she will look attractive.